NetPlus Telecommunications Management Software

From legacy telecommunications to VoIP, NetPlus lets you manage the entire network with a single, unified, real-time view.

Organizations with an enterprise telecom network, such as military bases, government environments and commercial campuses, are tasked with improving electronic communications while controlling labor and costs. This is especially critical as they move to next generation networks, such as VoIP services, and need to manage converged telecom networks.

Forward-looking organizations are turning to NetPlus – a single, integrated telecom management system that automates network operations and management functions across legacy and VoIP switches. Enterprises can install NetPlus with existing legacy switches and remain fully functional while migrating to VoIP and gain control over:

  • Inventory/IT Assets
  • Charge-back Billing (monthly recurring and usage-based billing)
  • Vendor Invoice Verification
  • Cable Plant
  • Service Activation (tracks service requests and activation)
  • Work Orders/Trouble Tickets


NetPlus has been specifically designed for enterprise-level converged networks and can be quickly deployed to provide an integrated view across legacy telecom and VoIP networks. The software framework enables efficient and secure network management.

Only the NetPlus TeleManagement System delivers:

  • Unified Management – Seamless integration across TDM and VoIP networks
  • Better Control – Provisioning, synchronization and administration of telecom infrastructure from a centralized web portal
  • Reduced Cost and Time – Fully automated workflow and self-care web portal
  • High Security and Reliability – Supports PKI/CAC Authentication and FCAPS architecture
  • Leveraged Investment – Highly scalable to grow with your needs

Performance Highlights

NetPlus offers a single source of data from any and all switches providing a consistent, reliable data source. Now you can:

  • View an inventory status in a single view, not separate formats that require tedious standardization
  • Gain a single image view across multiple switches geographically and by switch/vendor type
  • Conduct automated synchronization across all networks
  • Drive down labor costs and improve service delivery with a single data entry point
  • Conduct queries among all fields:
    • Long holding time
    • Fraud reports (long calls)
    • Which organizations or groups are over budget
    • Work flow trouble reports
    • Which work orders are due
    • Trouble tickets opened longer than a day

Automated Switch Interface

Automated Switch/Server Interface (ASI) is a provisioning function allowing requests to be managed without a switch technician; requests are entered by customer service representatives, order clerks or the end user through a web browser; ASI also compares device configuration with Switch/Server Discrepancy Reports to highlight any inconsistencies which are easily addressed through the NetPlus database.

Accounts & Billing

Accounts and billing management so you can track and monitor account charges and credits, as well as managing billing and subscriber data; NetPlus provides multiple customizable bill formats based on numerous account variables (e.g., account name, number, level, telephone number and circuit number).

Ad Hoc Reports

Ad hoc reporting with Pentaho Reports® for quickly generated, on-demand analytics, in addition to the over 100 reports provided by NetPlus.