NetPlus Telecom Management

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Automation of processes is proven to increase productivity and decrease costs associated with managing your telecom infrastructure.  NetPlus Telecom Management can automate up to 90% of your daily operations!
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What you don’t know can hurt you!  More importantly it will effect your bottom line and performance.  Gain complete visibility into your telecom infrastructure to better manage, plan, and budget.
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How secure is your telecom today?  Automation is key in increasing data security and accuracy by decreasing human touch.  Protect your data from errors by letting NetPlus control who gains access to your telecom infrastructure.
telecom business intelligence


Management and performance reporting will help you analyze your data and optimize your operations.  From aggregate charts to minute detailed reports, NetPlus has over 100 reports to help you fine tune your telecom management.

Telecom Management:  Inventory Control

NetPlus Inventory Management is the heart of our Telecom Management Solution.  Harness your true inventory by gathering data directly from the network.

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The Benefits of Implementing a Telecom Management Solution



Unified Management – Seamless integration across TDM and VoIP networks

Better Control – Provisioning, synchronization and administration of telecom infrastructure from a centralized web portal

Reduced Cost and Time – Fully automated workflow and self-care web portal

High Security and Reliability – Supports PKI/CAC Authentication and FCAPS architecture

Leveraged Investment – Highly scalable to grow with your needs

Modular Architecture – Only buy the functionality you need.



netplus workflow

Workflow Engine

Define internal and external process flows and routing rules; go paperless and improve accuracy and visibility as requests are entered only once and then routed electronically for approval and execution.

Cost Allocation

Track and monitor account charges and credits, as well as managing billing and subscriber data; NetPlus provides multiple customizable bill formats based on numerous account variables (e.g., account name, number, level, telephone number and circuit number).
telecom cost allocation
telecom business intelligence reporting analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Quickly generated, on-demand analytics, in addition to the over 100 reports provided by NetPlus.

Fault Management

Early detection is key in managing faults and minimizing down time for the enterprise.  NetPlus gives you a unified source of configuration and status information about the network while processing alarms and providing relevant information to e911 services.  Define the alarm thresholds and where to route the alarm, saving users from going through each event manually.
fault management alarms
telecom invoice

Invoice Processing

Automates the steps  involved in importing external service providers’ billing and inventory data for the enterprise, then detecting and marking suspicious or erroneous data, producing reports and managing disputes.  Enormous cost savings can be realized by subjecting service provider invoices to rigorous scrutiny and supporting billing disputes with sound analysis reports.

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