Telecom Expense Management

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NetPlus Telecom Expense Management offers easy web interface for users to order phone service and enroll.
telecom inventory

Inventory Management

A critical and key area of savings when using NetPlus Telecom Expense Management is the ability to track and manage all assets and equipment inventory.
telecom contract management

Contract Management

NetPlus Telecom Expense Management tracks contracts and rate plans which are vitally important in validating costs and ensuring negotiated rates and discounts are applied correctly.
telecom invoice management

Invoice Validation

NetPlus Telecom Expense Management automates the processes involved in importing external service providers’ billing and inventory data for the enterprise, then detecting and marking suspicious or erroneous data, producing reports and managing disputes.
telecom cost allocation

Cost Allocation

NetPlus Telecom Expense Management expose internal usage and costs broken out by department, region, building, etc.  Users can track internal budgets and gain complete visibility into wireless spend across the organization.
telecom audit

Audit & Optimize

A full telecom expense management audit will keep your vendors inline.  Identify costs and validate pricing according to your contract and inventory.  Then optimize your service by renegotiating your contracts for the best market rates.

Trusted Team of Experts in Telecom Expense Management

Let our trusted team of professionals help you with your telecommunications expenses.  With over 25 years in implementing telecommunications expense management solutions NetPlus has the expertise you need to control and reduce costs.

telecom expense management

Telecom Expense Management Benefits

Inventory Management

Inventory is at the heart of TEM. How can you accurately audit your vendor bills without knowing your true inventory? TEM vendors gather your inventory from the same vendor bills you are auditing or try to sell expensive physical inventory services.  NetPlus Inventory Management directly pulls inventory from the one source of truth, your network. Network data can clearly delineate which lines, circuits, etc are in use and provisioned and which are not. Comparing these to your bills will produce the most accurate audit of your telecom expenses.

Provisioning Management

NetPlus takes provisioning to a whole new level. We not only automate the ordering process of circuits and wireless devices, but we program the actual phone. Provisioning Management also encompasses moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MAC-D). MAC-D processes are vital keeping inventory up to date and accurate. With NetPlus moves, adds, changes and disconnects can be centrally managed and inventory continually validated.

NetPlus goes far beyond the tradition provisioning management of ordering circuits; we delve deeper into your processes to drive savings and added value where you never thought possible.

Invoice and Contract Management & Cost Allocation

NetPlus gives you one platform to manage all your vendor invoices and contracts as well as allocate costs back to your internal departments. Most TEM vendors have focused on only managing vendor contracts while missing important internal accounting.
NetPlus cost accounting gives you a holistic view of your telecom spend breaking it down by department so you know where your dollars are going. This could be even more vital to your business than just knowing vendor invoices. It allows you to see exactly how much each department is spending and how they are spending it.


NetPlus can give you the best audit available by conducting the audit directly against your true inventory! We can find more savings than with a standard TEM audit. Our seasoned team of auditors pulls your inventory from the switch, then audits them against your vendor bills. The audit goes beyond just answering the question of whether you are being overbilled for services that were previsouly cancelled or never existed. Our team of auditors also check for underutilization to further reduce or consolidate your network to find the most savings.

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