Efficiency.  It’s not just a word to us, it’s gospel.  One of our large federal clients has improved its invoice processing and cost allocation efficiency by over 50%. They utilized NetPlus Telecom Expense Management to automate the monthly cost allocation to internal departments as well as provision and order new service.

“We are glad that our client has had such success with our telecom expense management suite. One of the strengths of NetPlus Telecom Expense Management is its ability to accurately bill the correct internal cost centers. The time savings they have experience is just the beginning. We expect even greater gains in both cost recovery and time savings in the months to come,” said Matt Lewis, NetPlus President.

NetPlus Telecom Expense Management replaced a tedious manual paper process of internal chargeback, taking processing time from 20 plus working days to 8 days in the first month with greater efficiencies expected. Vendor bills are entered once into NetPlus and automatically processed through to charge the correct departments. An industry leading suite of products, NetPlus Telecom Expense Management helps clients tackle their telecom expenses. Invoice processing, inventory validation, dashboards, reporting, service provisioning are just a few of the features in NetPlus Telecom Expense Management.