NetPlus will help a large federal government facility with its transition to new SIP technology. The same facility used the NetPlus VoIP Transition Tool (VTT) to migrate from their old legacy switch to their current Avaya CS2100. That project was originally delayed, but with the NetPlus VoIP Tool they were able to migrate ahead of schedule, under budget, and utilize fewer resources.

For the transition this year, the facility will move their 40,000 lines from its CS2100 to newer technology with a SIP based switch, the Avaya AS5300.

“We are pleased that this customer has chosen to use NetPlus VTT again for their transition. The first project was a great success and showed real savings so it’s not a surprise when they wanted to move to a new switch they would use the same tool. We anticipate the current migration will be just as successful,” said Matt Lewis, President of NetPlus.

The NetPlus VoIP Transition Tool has helped organizations migrate to UC and VoIP faster and more cost efficiently than ever before by automating most of the process. The automated extraction of asset data alone has saved clients countless hours of labor and improved their data accuracy. Clients have experienced savings up to $3.5 million and cut migration times by over 50%.