We’ve seen a growing demand for solutions to ease the operations and management budgets in many organizations. Sequestration is now affecting telecommunications budgets for every Government agency. This has made finding cost savings today and the next 10 years mandatory for every agency.

Government O&M budgets are being slashed by 60% or more, which equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in annual costs. The trick for these agency telecommunications departments is to provide the same level of service with no switch and network monitoring or management capability.

“NetPlus TMS is a product suite that really makes an impact on operations and management budgets. By automating up to 90% of every day processes like work order processing, approvals, provisioning, alarm collection and processing, CDR collection, billing and invoicing, vendor invoice processing, and more, NetPlus TMS can lower overall O&M budgets year after year,” said Matt Lewis, President of NetPlus.

With sequestration projected to cut $84.4 billion dollars* in spending in 2013 and to increase annually, organizations need solutions to maintain operations with less funds. NetPlus TMS is an award winning telecommunications management system, proven to increase efficiency and increase productivity, leading to savings at many organizations both in the federal government and commercially.

NetPlus TMS has helped organizations wrap their arms around their voice telecommunications networks; define the migration path to new and cost-effective technologies; save significant money in contractor and employee resources; provide key information on budgets and spends by department/division/user; manage enterprise assets and cable; process vendor invoices/reconciliation; perform mass moves/adds/changes/disconnects; manage wireless assets; simplify service order provisioning; establish a simple effective order processing system; create work orders and invoices.